Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book Club

This time Book Club was a Stephanies house. She made super delicious salads and brownies We ended up just hangen out and having a good time like usual. We read "Memory Keepers Daughter"....I'm almost done! Ha, I know I suck and need to quit slacken off so bad. Anyways, thus far it's an awesome book and totally has my attention! I'd for sure recommend it even though I'm not sure how it ends.
Oh my, why does this always end up happening when Brooke and I get together! Haha.
Us re-in acting a scene in the book where the baby is given away.
Shelby and Stephs darling baby.
Becca, Steph and Shelby.
Me,Mckayle and Brooke.


Los Springer said...

Keelee I think you always look so cute on pictures. I have to say that first picture you have is not cute at all. TAKE IT OFF! J/k but no really it's not cute at all.

Marissa said...

Ooh, I wanted to know if that was good, so I will have to try it out.

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

Dude! Hope you got our message singing happy birthday to your cute self! My girls just adore you and I think you are amazing. I love your positive energy and silly sense of humor. You are always fun to be around and such a tender soul. I admire your reverent love for your mother and your doting on the men in your life. Thanks for being such a neat person and letting me in your life. We are much better for having known you! Call me if you want to rob anybody in a hotel room...I can't promise we will make a quiet getaway though. xo

Ashley Bennion said...

Hey Kee - I was just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing - Love ya - Ash (

Los Springer said...

Keelee I LOVE YA! Your the best!

AMIT said...

All the best to you.I like your post much.

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