Thursday, February 5, 2009

27th Birthday

I can not believe I'm freaks me out actually!! I had an awesome birthday though, my husband is super good at suprises and planning fun things! We went to "Thaifoon" for dinner(One of my very favorite spots), then we went and stayed at "Little America" and just watched movies and ate TONS of junk.. so fun! The next morning he got me up early and we drove to Park City where we went shopping at the outlets all day and did lunch and stuff. Such a fun day!! Thanks babe, I love you.

This was the only pic we took. Please excuse my husbands scowl, it's pretty much a rule of his that he can't smile in pics....bugs me sooooo bad!!!!


Jenny said...

I know, I'm 27, too and it feels so old! I know it's not, but still!

Happy Birthday!

Ammon & Ali said...

Oh! Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you two had fun!

Brooke said...

Dude. We are getting so old. It's sad. Jackson looks pissed. He looks like Jesse in every pic I try to take of us together. Isn't that crap?