Sunday, December 28, 2008

***Christmas Day***

I LOVE Christmas so much because all day long you get to be with the ones you love. Jacks and I woke up around nine thirty(how awesome is that)and opened up our presents from each other. He gave me this beautiful diamond necklace and I got him a T.V... we went a little overboard this year but figured that it won't always be that way. At around noon we went to Jacksons parents house where we had an awesome lunch and played the Mexican Train game!! My mother-in-law is truly the funnest person I know and is always coming up such fun games and things to do. Every time someone won a round they were to pick a box from all different sizes form under the tree which could possibly hold nothing, a one dollar bill, a ten, a twenty, a fifty or a big fat Benjamin...haha. So needless to say it was a pretty intense game. They spoil us pretty rotten. I love my in-laws soooo much and feel so lucky to have them, I am truly so very blessed. Christmas is so fun but I love it more than anything to remember that Jesus was born to our world, to live, die and atone for our sins.

Jackson and his Christmas present
Kelly and Grandma Jackson.
Waking up to this winter wonderland...Holy Crap that's a lot of snow!


CJ said...

Hi Keelee - it was a pleasure to read such a heartfelt blog, you have a very engaging style of writing. Best wishes - CJ

The Keeles said...

Looks like you guys have been good this year, t.v.'s and diamonds. Your going to have to tell me what you have done to get on Santas good side!

Jamie Leigh said...

I am impressed! We have that exact tv! Good choice!