Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I LOVE Halloween, although this year was pretty low key and we had NO fun Halloween festivities to attend to(I know, huge losers)... with that said I am going to make it a point to have a crazy Halloween party next year. The last couple years at work we have tried to come up with a "theme" to coordinate our costumes with. Last year we were all different kinds of bugs and Jenny was a can of Raid. This year we decided to be the Zoo. Here we have A Cheetah, a lion, a Zebra, a bunny, and the Zoo Keeper... and a way confused chick that either didn't get the memo or thinks that Dick Tracy lives at the Zoo.
Other than that Jacks and I just stayed home and handed out candy. Have any of you ever watched "Poltergeist 2"? Well it was on T.V. that night and I was kind of watching it on and off and it totally screwed me up and now the T.V freaks me out. Laugh it up... you watch it then and see how you feel.


PhiLeshKo said...

No my question is how do you do hair with that mask on?