Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Book Club Meeting #2

Last night we met a Johnny Carinos where we had out second book club meeting, if that's really what you want to call it. The point of the whole book club "situation" is for each individual to read a particular book we've chosen as a whole for the month, read it and meet so we can talk about it. Other than the fact that 2 out of the 6 people that were there actually read the book, we talked a total of maybe 5 minutes about the book. So yet again just another excuse for a girls night...which i'm totally okay with!!The book we read was "The Secret Life of Bees", it is Darling and I highly recommend it. Very sweet, short and uplifting.
Since I no longer have a camera at this current moment in time let me try and paint a picture for ya so you can understand our resentment for Johnny freaking Carinos. We get there at seven p.m, order our food pretty soon after, waited an hour and a half till we got our food! Mind you, it's a Monday night, the restaurant is NOT busy at all... we were their main event! No refills, no "how are you guys doin", nothen. Our waitress was soooo rude, I believe her name was KIM, so if you happen to eat there please save your sanity by sliding right on by her to the next available table. Needless to say she was PISSED, later that night we had plates being flung at our table. No one actually saw her throwing them at us but I'm pretty sure we can put two and two together Kim!! Ha, I'm really not one to complain but it seriously was way ridiculous! Johnny Carino, you're off my list pal! Other than that we had a fun night... on to the next book!!


Mike and Joy said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a wierd waitress/bad restaurant experience...but you told it well. I was laughing like crazy!

Brooke said...

Ha ha. It was such a bad freaking night. Read Steph's blog. She emailed them and they wrote back.

kOrTnI said...

I truly am so passionate about customer service...like I was born for it! & I honestly truly HATE bad customer service!!! Makes me so freaking mad!!!
Did you say anything?! I can't believe you were treated that way!