Friday, July 18, 2008

We'll Miss You Camille!!

One of my very best friends is moving to Arizona this week so that her husband can attend Law school there. I am so excited for her and the new adventure that this will be for them but we will all miss her so much!! I'm so grateful for 'blogs' at this time so I can easily keep in touch with her and see what is going on in her life. Thursday night a bunch of us decided to get together and go to dinner to say Goodbye. We went to Johnny Carinos and I'm pretty sure they wanted to kick us out from how loud we were being! When we all get together it seems we always bring up the funny memories we had from high one thing lead to another and we decided to go back to my house and watch all the many videos we made from when we were in Junior High and High school, haha so funny! We were so retarded, we always used to make music videos and dress up in weird clothes and record ourselves. Pretty sure we would have done it that very night had we had a camcorder on hand!!
The "clan" at Johnny Carinos
Camille and I
Us watching and laughing at the videos we made in highschool
Crystal and Camille
Katie and Jami. Doesn't she have the flippen cutest pregnant bump you have ever seen!!

Good luck Camille, We love you!!


Phil or Alesha said...

A few things!
1-Can someone please tell me how Jami does her hair? I love it!
2-your hair looks excellent in this pic.
3- um....bump I dont even see a prego bump!

DeJong Family said...

Whats up with the prego pic? What a surprise I had no idea this pic was and Jamie are killing me with posting this on your blogs LOL :)