Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

This Mothers Day was so fun and crazy busy. We woke up early so we could go to church with Jacksons parents Kelly and mark. May I just say that I am the luckiest girl ever to have the mother-in-law that I do! I love her sooo much. She is so much fun, like I would seriously just call her up to hang out with me because she is so freaken fun. She is soo generous and would do anything for her children. Thank you Kelly for raising such a wonderful husband for me!!! After church we went and visited my darling grandma Molly.She is like this ray of sunshine always smiling and happy no matter what! She reminds me alot of my mom and I feel the very closest to my mom when i'm around my grandma. My dads mom passed away about 8 years ago and I miss her sooo sooo much!! Then we went and put flowers in my moms grave, we sit there and kinda talk to her like she's standing right there, I know it's dorky but it's pretty theraputic for me. Afterwards we went to my dads because my cute little brother who is in Canada was able to call home for Mothers Day. He has grown up so much and is so spiritual. He comes home in 6 weeks, I seriously can't handle how excited I am! That evening we met all my in-laws at Macaroni Grill(This is our favorite place ever) for dinner. It was nice to not have to cook and clean and just give all the mothers a day off! Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

This is my studly youngest brother Max(in the middle) and my brother Jakes' two very best friend Garrett and Kurt. They came over to talk to Jake because he got to call home from his mission. Only six weeks left!!!!
Mwa. Oooh I just love him!!
My dad got his wife Sammy a yellow beach banana bike for mothers day. Here my dad and Jacks are trying it out... they looked so funny on it, it's pretty much the girliest bike i've ever seen.

Here we are with Jacks family at Macaroni Grill. Look how cute my mother-in-law is at the end, she's just opened her present, ha, she's so excited!
My hubby and I
All the girls


Phil or Alesha said...

That bike is awesome! I love that you talk to your mom at her grave...I do that with Phils mom, and I dont even know her!

Los Springer said...

You have such a cute family Keelee. looks like you had a lot fun on mother's day.

Team Fraser said...

Looks like you had an awesome day! I want a bike that is a way cool gift!!

blair said...

Your dad is so spunky!


The Weight Family said...

Your dad is still the same dork he has always been and I love him!

lessdirtydirt said...

Damn Garrett looks good.