Sunday, March 30, 2008


Here goes... 10 years ago I was a sophmore at Taylorsville High school. I was thinken I was pre-tty cool having just got my license(already gotten a speeding ticket). I drove around this little 89' Golf that everyone called the milk carton. The stereo got stolen out of it one night while I was worken at County Seat at the mall, so I went and bought this munchkin cordless radio to sport in it. Due to that mishap my dad made me get this crazy alarm system in it so every time I had to open the doors or lock it you'd think I was getting into this porche when really it was an 89' milk carton... I caught alot of crap for that, haha. Being 16 was such a fun age, not a care in the world and your biggest worry was what you were gonna wear the next day to school... those were the days.

5 Jobs that I have had:
-County Seat at Fashion place Mall
-Jordan Valley Health Club
-Texas Rhodehouse
-Super Salad
-Mirage Day Spa(current)

5 Places I have visited:
-New York
-Washington D.C.
-Victoria, Canada
-Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

5 things on my to do list:
-I really would love to go to Europe someday!
-My dream is to one day write childrens books.
-Have children....
-Come up with some crazy idea that'll make us millions so we'll never have to worry about money, ha.
-Get organized. I have never been organized and I sooo want to be.

5 things you may not know:
-I've always had a little bit of o.c.d. I have some really wierd little habits that i'm sure would be deemed as o.c.d.
-I have a fantasy of being a famous singer and quite often when i'm alone I perform my very own concerts.
-I freeze everything, things taste so much beter super cold... twinkies, brownies, muffins, pudding, any kind of candy or chocolate.
-I'm always SUPER hot! We keep our house freezing all the time.
-I hide money. I'm like a chipmunk or something and hide money in wierd places. I'm not really sure why, I think I like physically watching the amounts get bigger or something but i've been known to forget about them before and then find them like a year later. Wierd, I know.

5 things that I am so thankful for:
-The gospel
-My husband and family
-My health
-Our circumstances(that we live in the U.S, have jobs, educations and a home).
-Nature. I love the outdoors and am always finding myself in amazement at how beautiful our world is.... the ocean. the mountains, flowers, sunsets, animals, trees, the winter, spring and fall. Love it!

I tag Brooke Firth, Daiana Springer, Jami Weight and Ashley Owens.


Mike and Joy said...

I like things cold, too, but only refridgerater cold. Not freezer cold, that's totally wierd. (hehe)

Phil or Alesha said...

I love this! I think it is so fun to read up on peoples quirks! We keep our house freexing too! 63 F people like die when I tell them that!

Los Springer said...

Keelee I'm going to your house tonight to look for money.....

Marissa said...

It is so fun to remember 10 years ago- I actually remember that car! Good times!

Ames Family said...

Keelee...Fun to read about you! I actually got my hair done Saturday, but I am for sure going to come to you next time when I need a touch up. I totally know Ashley Owens! We go way back...:) How do you know her?

Kim Clinger said...

cute page Keelee - I'll have to read more when I get more time. Thanks for the spanky hairdo today! Check out my facebook at and search for Kim Clinger.

The Weight Family said...

I especially love the confession of your "personal concerts", sadley I have been a witness many a times to these hillarious and great events. All I gotta say about that is....."Baby think twice, for the sake of our love for the memories, for the fire and the flame and only you and me......" and the best part of all...."NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!" Celine Dion, eat your heart out cause Keelee's in the house tonight!

Jamie Leigh said...

Jami told me how to find your blog and I am so glad! Your so adorable! You need to bring that little doggy in soon!

britta said...

It was fun to read up on your life. I have missed so much of it. I hope you are doing well. Seeing a picture of your dad makes me feel like I am 13 years old, back in good old Valley Park 2nd ward. I need something to make me feel young these days.