Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chin Wah

Lucky us got to hang with our good friends Jared and Daiana last weekend. It seems like when we hang out they never get to pick where we eat because my husband is a tad particular! Jared has always mentioned this "Chin Wah" place and it sounded like a dive so we'd kinda just brush that idea right off(kidding Jared), but this particular night we'd agreed to go. K so typically I'm not a huge fan of Chinese food but wow this place is pretty dang good and I'd highly recommend it! Thanks guys. Oh and for those that want to try it it's on about 9400 s and 750 e.

The next night the Springers had decided they just hadn't quite had enough of us so we went to their house with some other neighbors for out recent occurring Scone Sunday Event.


Brooke said...

That's so cool that you have neighbors that you get along with so well. Jess and I never even know our neighbors, and the only ones that invite us to dinner are swingers. Kind of sad.

Los Springer said...

Thats so funny what Brooke said. Umm Jared and I look so good.... No we don't thanks.

Jake and Linzey Jordison said...

I love Chin Wah, It is delicious! Looks like you guys have been having alot of fun.