Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another Tag!!

Here's how this "Tag" works. List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts about yourself. Then tag 5 people at the end of your post.

OK, here we go!

3 Joys:
- Husband, family and Dog
- Nature of any kind (being outside)
- The gospel

3 Fears:
- The thought of never having children.
- Forgetting special memories I have of my mom.
- Losing someone I love.

3 Goals (short term):
- Read at least one book a month(I know...this shouldn't be hard right?).
- Start eating healthier and get on a regular work out plan.
- Take another oil painting class...soon.

3 Current Obsessions:
- Frozen chocolate covered cinnamon bears(mmmmm, I think I'll go get one right now).
- My hair. I HATE it. I'm trying so hard to grow it out and all I can think about all day long is how I so badly want to cut it as I'm doing all these darling hair-do's to other people all day long!!
- This whole pregnancy ordeal. After you've been trying for so long it kinda starts to take a hold of ya, I'm really trying to not let it and just relax... easier said than done I'm finding.

3 Surprising Facts:
- For those of you that don't know me very well, my husband and I have been divorced and remarried and proud to say very happily married!(Doesn't happen every day)
- I'm way superstitious. I'm weird about certain numbers and orders of things... I just realized I might have a tad of o.c.d.
- I'm ridiculously good at tetris and will kill anyone! I actually have a callis on my thumb from playing it on my phone so much.

I tag Jami, Daiana, Kat, Dallas, Camille.


Lizz Pizza said...

I miss you!!!!!!!

blair said...

remember when we were little and you would touch all of the handles on the dresser in your room before you left the room... every time. Maybe you do have ocd.... but i still love you! We all have a little ocd in our lives.

blair riccio

The Humphreys said...

Hi girl. Yes thanks for startin my blog for me and helping me figure things out... It's QUITE the time-waster! Haha. I love it. So I was just reading your tag-thing and saw that you oil paint! I started oil painting 5 years ago... and I love it! I would LOVE to take a class with you if you go! You and Jackson are so cute... Ryan and I really want to go out on a double date with you... maybe a Bees game or something! But yeah, hope you are having a lovely day!
- Bevan

Phil or Alesha said...

You are so hilarious...tetris, thats awesome! I love reading tags!

Annilee said...

I am right there with you on the hair thing, I have decided to grow it out even though my fabulous sylist gives me the best short hair cuts ever. I now need her to make it cute in the ugly growing out stage...I hope to see you when I come in a few weeks.

britta said...

I hope the best for you in trying for babies!! Keep the faith!!!

Shannon said...

Hey! I found your blog from Jenny's. It's way cute. I will be in to get a haircut soon, I think I will try to grow mine out, too, but I'm not sure. It is no fun for sure! Your hair still looks way cute, but I know growing it out is a pain! I am hoping for the best for you with the baby thing. I know you would be such a good mom!

Christie said...

Hey Keelee! You are so cute. It's been so fun to look at your blog! I found it from Kathryn's. I hope you have a cute little baby soon.

Brady and Britton said...

I love your new background and header, you always have the cutest blog!! I liked learning more about you, totally fun! I actually really love your hair right now, it looks super cute and chocolate covered cinnamon bears are dang good!

Tiff & Rand said...

I'm with ya on the cinnamon bears, my absolute favorite candies...especially covered with chocolate!!! Mmmm. And don't feel bad about being slightly O.C.D., I think almost every women has some of it in them. I mean really, look at Brooke! Haha just kidding...love you Brooke, if you read this.