Monday, June 2, 2008

Here is where we started out the trip, Seattle Washington. We decided to spend a few days there since it's not very often we make it to Seattle before we started the Cruise. I love Seattle, it is so green and beautiful.

Here we are at Snoqualmie Falls... Sooo beautiful.

Eating at the "Crab Pot". I swear they dumped the ocean right out on our table. Isaac and I ordered some seafood situation where they poor everything right on your table...I ate things I never knew existed. I'm so over mussels and clams.
This is the horse races in Seattle. Dallas won a little bit so that made it fun!!


kOrTnI said...

I'm glad you're havin a blast!!!!
Gorgeous pictures!!!

britta said...

Don't you love vacations? I am glad you guys had fun!

Team Fraser said...

dang my hubby would love that dumping the ocean thing on your plate! I have never been to Seattle but it looks beautiful!