Monday, May 12, 2008

Girls Weekend

There seems to be a lot of these lately and I'm loven it!! Melis, Tiff, Lizz, Kat, Brooke and I decided to get a hotel downtown and have a little girls overnighter party. It was soo fun we went to dinner at "Z Tejas" and then we of course did a little shopping in Gateway, then headed back to the hotel where we acted like we were in Junior High all aver again. We played a few little pranks to the front desk, had a little pillow fight and played with eachothers hair and ate so much jusk food(well I did anyways) that I was sick to my stomach the next day!! We woke up early and did the 5k 'Race for the Cure' which was a really neat experience and I was so gald that I could be a part of it!!
Melissa and Kat
PiLlOw FiGhT
Tiff and Brooke
Brooke seducing some mannequin on the sidewalk of Gateway... we can't take her anywhere!


Phil or Alesha said...

How fun! I love that you gals did a slumber!