Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Indian Fusion"....Poo

My little brothers and I have always liked to try out weird and different restaurants that people typically wouldn't try just for the fun of it! We have found some "stellar" places to eat by doing this!
I had the day off on Monday so Max and I decided to try out this new Indian place in Jordan Landing called "Indian Fusion". We pictured it being kinda like that restaurant on "Along Came Polly", you know, where Ben Steeler is sweating like a pig because the food is so hot. Anyways I thought it'd be good because I like weird stuff and I'm a huge fan of curry.
Okay, so have you ever eaten anything so acidic that it actually makes chunks of the roof of your mouth fall off? This happened to me. I'm eating this curry situation that looked like dump, no joke, and suddenly the roof of my mouth starts peeling off. Are you kidding me? Then, as you can see below, along with the bowl of dump they give me this contraption that looks like a chicken foot and tastes like....what I would imagine a chicken foot would. I mean, it might have honestly been a chicken foot.
I wasn't a huge fan, actually I'm no fan at all but I have to admit Max and I got a really good laugh at all the weird food, plus there is free entertainment. There is this huge screen that is always playing Indian music videos. So if you don't want to go for the food, go for the entertainment.


DeJong Family said...

Of course you would try some weird Indian place..LOL! You have always liked wierd surprises me that you didn't care for the food..hahaha I will keep it mind not to eat there :)

Los Springer said...

Your sooo funny. Jared and I wanted to go try that place. Thanks for the post not going there ever..

The Binghams said...

Oh wow looks delicious!! Lets make sure we go there sometime!! hahhaha your so funny!

Brooke said...

Ok that is sick.

Jenny said...

Love the pics but the food looks scary! Ahh! I don't think I'll be going there!