Monday, June 2, 2008

This was our second port, Juneau, Alaska. I loved here. Juneau felt alot more civilized than Ketchikan. We decided to go fishing here, which was so fun to just be able to kick our feet up with a diet coke and be in paradise. The whole time we were in Alaska we had great weather. It stayed almost in the sixties the whole time and we had totally clear skies. We never caught any fish, actually didn't even get a bite, we were kinda sad but it was still a blast! Later that day we took a little tour and were able to stop at an enormous glacier, it looked like there was food coloring in it because it was sooo blue!

i don't know if you can tell from this pic but that bird is a bald eagle. They were flying down right in front of us grabbing fish out of the ocean... how come we couldn't catch any?
We decided to go fishing, and then learned later that day that the salmon don't really come for another month. Ha, it was super fun anyways!!
The enormous glacier.


Team Fraser said...

dang that looks amazing! Even though you didn't catch fish at least you got to see the Eagles catching them.