Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who do you love? Jackson Ward Bennett
How long have you been married? Ha ha, I'm gonna round up - 6 1/2 years, I've earned it!
How long did you date? A little over a year although there was a tiny breakup.
Who said I love you first? Oh goll, he did on like our second kind of freaked me out so I made him take me home and then I missed him after like three days.
Who is taller? Him, barely. If I wear heels I'm sometimes taller...he may not admit it but he totally likes it.
Who can sing better? Wow... that's a tough one. I think I'm amazing but everyone else begs to differ, ha ha. When we do our duo to "A whole New World" in the car he sounds pretty good though.
Who is smarter? There's lots of different kinds of smart.... okay he is by a looong shot.
Who does the laundry? I don't really do laundry, his family owns a drycleaners.
Who pays the bills? We switch off but usually him.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are facing the bed, I do.
Who mows the lawn? The one pro about living in a townhome is they do that for ya...bless H.O.A fees.
Who drives? Me, he drives like a grandpa, I could walk faster!
Jacks, I love you so much and feel so lucky to be your wife!!


Lizz Pizza said...

Yeah!! Glad you weakened!! :D

Annilee said...

I am so glad to hear that you started a blog! I have missed you and most of all, my hair has missed you! I need it cut so bad and am not coming home until July...aghh! Can't wait to see new posts, keep them coming!

Marissa said...

Yeah Keelee! I am so glad that you started a blog because, man I miss you! I am wasting away out here in Tooele, but we are moving to Salt Lake in May so I am so excited! Keep writing and see you soon!

Los Springer said...

I'm so happy that you started a blog. Welcome to the club..

Phil or Alesha said...

So happy about the blog! I am much better about keeping up on here!

Los Springer said...

Keelee I put one of your songs on my play list hope you don't care.

Randy & Rachel said...

Is this the Keelee I worked with at the Texas Roadhouse? I came accrossed your blog from Katies. It is good to see what you have been up to. It looks like you are doing well. I hope is great.

Brooke said...

How did I not know his middle name is Ward? Can we please have a quick chat about how much I freakin' love that name, and how you should name your first son that? Thanks. I love it. Jackson, you're a dork. Love ya guys!

Mike and Joy said...

Keelee! So glad you found me AND that you are blogging now! I love being able to keep up on people this way. It was fun to read about what you are up to now. You and your husband are darling!